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Opinion: Thoughts While Shaving

This should be a perfect spring-like day, weather wise.  Some sunshine expected with temps in the mid 70s.  The calendar indicates spring officially arrives next Wednesday.

Stock market looking good, great for savings accounts, especially for retirees….

Former East Bladen all-everything, Lacey Suggs continues her great career as a member of the UNCW basketball team.  All kind of honors for the former walk-on who became captain of the team her second year and continues to provide great leadership.  Proud parents are Mike and Karen Suggs of White Lake.

A reminder of the fundraiser Saturday for Murray Hester of Bladenboro.  4-7 p.m. at Bladenboro Historical Building.  BBQ plates for $7 each and donations will be accepted.

But for the grace of our maker, could be any one of us suffering from one of the dreaded diseases.  Other such events are planned in the Bladen area later this month and next, for others.  Bladen County folks are the best, when it comes to helping our own going through difficult times.

My bride and I have enjoyed the fruits of the labor of others as she has been on the sidelines for the past couple of weeks.  Improving, slowly….thanks for asking…

Remember when, as a youngster, you were asked to maybe quote a scripture in a worship service or some other setting…scared half to death, but you did as asked….Looking back, so important for many reasons.  Helps in overcoming fear to stand on your own and deliver a message.  It’s a learning process just like going to school is.  I’m thankful of my upbringing at Zion Hill Baptist Church, north of Bladenboro.  None among us are perfect, far from it, but many are still working on it.

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.  Willie Nelson

A contented mind is the greatest blessing a man can enjoy in this world.  Joseph Addison

When you get a blessing, pass it on.  author unknown

robert g hester


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