• 6:53 am Bladen County Coach-Pitch Supplemental All-Stars
  • 6:51 am Elizabethtown Coach-Pitch Supplemental All-Stars
  • 6:48 am Elizabethtown Coach-Pitch All-Stars
  • 6:44 am DYB District 2 AA (Coach-Pitch) Supplemental Tournament: Elizabethtown 20, Bladen County 1
  • 11:27 pm Bladen County Coach-Pitch All-Stars
Thoughts While Shaving

Hopefully, winter is over and springtime has returned.  Tuesday’s high temp in Bladen was 48 degrees with rain and wind…..today should be sunny and 68 and northwest winds 3 to 5 mph.  Thursday’s high near 71.  And, a 70% chance of rain on Friday with high near 70….

Guess we all enjoy a ‘feel good’ story.  A Charlotte area man suffering from stage 4 liver cancer recently won a $250,000 prize from a scratch-off ticket.  Richard Beare plans to take his wife on a dream vacation while he can still enjoy himself.  His wife is from Italy and, “now I can take her back for a visit” he said.  He is a retired auto mechanic and according to him, not a regular lottery player.  He took home $176,876 after taxes.

The political season is ‘cranking up.’  Expect more ‘gotcha’ news, both parties.  Latest may be a little more.  NC Republican chairman and others charged yesterday.  And at the national level, prospective presidential candidate accused of ‘smelling a ladies hair and touching her.’  Politicians in both parties have always hugged the ladies and kissed the babies for as long as I can remember.  It’s a new day…..not saying it’s better or worse, just different.

Farmers are preparing their fields for new crops.  Love to smell freshly plowed dirt.  Still think about a two mule/horse turn plow, laying off the rows for planting, feeding the animals while wearing bib overalls on cool days and going barefooted when it warms up.  The bumble bees have been out, it’s OK to go bare-footed…maybe not yesterday…

Events upcoming….Bladen We Care Gala, Relay for Life, White Lake Water Festival and many more.

I read recipes the same way I read science fiction.  I get to the end and I think, “Well, that’s not going to happen.”

Life’s like a bird.  It’s pretty cute until it poops on your head.

My first experience with culture shock?  Probably when I peed on an electric fence.

robert g hester





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