Thoughts While Shaving
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Seems there is a new revelation, or chapter in the ongoing 2018 election saga, daily.  Unraveling the facts from fiction must be one heck of a mess for those in charge.  How did we get here and how many more revelations?  Dig deep, there must be more.  Can’t believe there aren’t other counties with similar situations…..Expose it all, if that is possible.  Honest elections are one of the foundations of our nation.

Think back to Christmases long, long ago.  Life was less complicated.  Fruit, nuts and a little candy (Kits-Mary Jane-Tootsie Roll) and maybe one toy per child, (ball or baby doll) pretty much it….sometimes a home made shirt, material from a feed sack…and a delicious meal…chicken ‘n dressing, a few veggies from mason jars that had been stored from the previous summer and homemade biscuits, maybe a homemade fruit cake.  All that remained for a good Christmas was some sunshine.  A rainy Christmas was not good.

Changing the subject…Dan Ward, Bladen County peanut grower is the new Chairman of the National Peanut Board for 2019.  He has been active in the organization for sometime.  Congratulations….

Farmers who have not harvested their soybeans, must be very concerned, and still some ‘wet’ cotton in the field.

Will be happy when the tariff concerns are over….stock market is so unpredictable…too many lows and not enough highs…

If you have not discovered Rick Rigsby, you should.  He is a very good motivational speaker.  I have ‘stumbled’ across some of his work over the years.  If you are looking for a ‘lift of spirits’ Google him.  Latest speech I discovered was at a college graduation, about 10 minutes long, “How You Livin?” Highly recommend it.  Probably delivered years ago, still very good.

Remember Andy Williams and his hit version of “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”?

Other Christmas Hits….It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Winter Wonderland…

O Come All Ye Faithful….

robert g hester