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Opinion: Thoughts While Shaving

NFL results from Saturday play:

Colts 21 – Texans 7

Cowboys 24 – Seahawks 22

Today’s schedule:

1:00 p.m.   LA Chargers vs Baltimore Ravens  (CBS)

4:40 p.m.   Philadelphia Eagles vs Chicago Bears  (NBC)


College Football National Championship Game:

8 p.m. Alabama vs Clemson  (ESPN)

Tar Heel/White Oak area fundraiser for one of their own last night, very successful, according to one of the organizers…Thanks to all….

Over $6,000 raised.  Proceeds will benefit a couple who suffered water damage to their home during a 2018 storm….They were away doing missionary work when the damage occurred.

Interesting headline…What would you do with $1 million lottery prize?  NC family wants new toilet seats…

As has been stated numerous times, I enjoy reading newspapers from across the state and nation.  Plundering around last night and saw one that had No Rino Need Apply….Further search indicated…No Republicans In Name Only (RINO)….no indication what someone would be applying for….

A quick political update…nothing new in D.C., best I can tell, except the Senate met sometime recently and “rejected 270 nominations from the previous session as well as a host of foreign service nominees.”  According to the source, “The development is an unexpected and unwanted headache for the Trump administration, which has previously been critical of the perceived lack of speed in approving nominations.”  No reason given….

Apparently, no progress in latest meetings related to partial government shut-down.  In the meantime, many on the low end of the pay scale feeling the ‘financial pain’.

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.   J.K. Rowling

Teach our children to think ‘we’ not ‘them’ and ‘us’.  Marty Rubin

It is not what we have as a nation that will make us a great nation; it is the way in which we use it.   Teddy Roosevelt

robert g hester


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