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Opinion: You are China, no freedom – no worship – scared and running


I’m an old woman sitting looking out at downtown E-town on a Saturday. We are China!! Running around with our mask, our currency going away, being told where to go and when, fighting in the streets, that the officials have trouble stopping, really!

We have had pandemics for years: Smallpox, Measles, Polio, and T.B. We fought through prayer, and God, and won each time! People died, and a lot were left disabled, but prayer and research and you had a vaccine. There were house to house quarantines –

There were hospitals people were made to go to – but the USA kept working and praying. Kids went to school, a little exposure at the time was good the doctors said. Oh this is different!

Research each disease – spread in the air can live in air 2 to 3 hours after you are there – remains on surfaces for hours to days. Polio was horrible, affected muscles and lungs – remember the big iron machines. T.B. affected the lungs, smallpox just horrible, measles even affected the unborn. Research it for yourself!

No masks, no shutdowns, quarantines for the affected. The rest of the world went on – Kids went to school – adults went to work – No China.

Sadness because of deaths and sickness, but preachers and officials gave hope. God would see us through. Now before you Christians and preachers jump on me, where are you today?

Have you got groups together and wrote letters or took them to Washington or Raleigh as our world was changing from God? Abortions by the thousands, musluems need there space too, gay pride, and I can keep going, slavery was throughout time – black and white. Know your history, but all of this is solved by one word – God – stands for love – each person can have their rights in the USA. You can make your choices and still leave the USA under God. Our problem is we have taken Him out and changed His word, and no one has stopped it.

Children don’t deserve this in America – they need God, love, and freedom to go to school and become the one that fights for rights and makes vaccines that help us. They need normal. Take the precautions, expose them to normal and yes, they will get sick and most will get well, they will have the ups and downs and become some of the greatest people in the world.

We have never run and hid before in the USA, but we are now because the leaders have taken what this great nation was founded on and about the freedom to worship and love God. God has left this country on its on because we left Him. Stop and look, you are China, no freedom – no worship – scared and running. No faith. Where do officials stand?

Where are your learned pastors? Let this nation open and be normal. Get to Washington and Raleigh with groups and change back to God and love and everyone can still have their beliefs, but change the USA.

Didn’t sign my name cause family and friends say it is too dangerous. Wow, what does that say USA or China? I just had to add this coming out of World War II and the depression the color didn’t matter. We were all poor and struggling, except for a few. Check history to see who they were, and that is why we need schools and history taught – We need schools open and teaching about pandemics and that we make it through it.


*Historically, our publication will not publish anything without a person’s name given with the submitted article. However, we know many anonymous writings have received publication in the past and had great impact throughout the world. The author of this letter hand-delivered it to the BladenOnline office. We know she is a Bladen County citizen, and she has the experience she writes about. We believe in freedom of speech, and therefore, have decided to publish her letter.


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