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Over 1,500 Pets Fed by Local Non-profit During COVID-19 Pandemic

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A Shelter Friend, a local non-profit dedicated to Bladen County pets has held free pet food distributions during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Masked volunteers served up dog and cat food on four different occasions throughout April and May to feed 1,009 dogs and 655 cats, according to Krista Hansen with A Shelter Friend.

She said, ”A Shelter Friend’s Pet Food Distribution for people financially affected by Covid-19 was wildly successful.”

Krista added, ”Some 300 owners expressed their gratitude.  Many thanks to everyone involved!”

Sylvia Kim, another partner with A Shelter Friend, said over $10,000 was donated from supporters in places like New York, Washington, D.C.

Companies like Amazon and Grateful Doggies have also contributed to the cause, according to Sylvia.

Krista announced Saturday, ”It comes as no surprise that we will have to cancel our Low Income Spay/Neuter Clinic again for June.  Our dedicated team continues to qualify pets through the program and Dr. Gensel and staff are fitting some of these surgeries into their regular schedule as we work through the unscripted territory of Covid-19.”

She continued, ”We will take the future one day at a time and be in touch with you about the next chance for us to get together again.  Thank you Elizabethtown Veterinary Hospital for keeping us from slipping too far behind.”

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