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By: Dora Brogdon

Our modern world has changed greatly but that doesn’t mean danger has left. The internet gives us, and children, easy access to just about everything we can imagine. It is also a home where predators and scammers wait to catch a unsuspecting victim.

It is a parent’s duty is to raise and protect their child. These duties also include keeping them safe on the internet as they get older.

One way to protect them is by activating the Parental Controls. Everyone by now knows about parental controls or they have an idea on what about parental controls. Parental controls give parents the ability to control what their children are able to access and see when they are using the internet.

Another method parents can utilize is to fix their web browser to a much safer setting for your child. For example, Internet Explorer has a content advisor which can be found in the settings. As easy as it is setting those restrictions, it will be just as easy for a child to learn how to turn them off.

If you happen to have a younger child, then a kid-friendly zone will be more appropriate for them. It is also best to keep a watchful eye on who your child is conversing with online and make sure to install software which filters out mature content.

A parent’s duty to their child is to keep them safe. The internet is a dangerous place, but it offers the option of helping you keep your child safe, as well.