• 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 5:01 pm Kuraray America announces major investment in Bladen County
  • 4:54 pm Tillis Co-Sponsors Legislation to Pay Essential Federal Workers During Shutdown
  • 4:08 pm Furniture donation helps families recover
  • 3:47 pm Tillis Co-Sponsors Constitutional Amendment Imposing Term Limits on Members of Congress
  • 2:33 pm Deadline to Participate in STEP Program for Hurricane Florence Home Repairs Extended to Feb. 1.


If you’re cold, your pets are too! Make sure you keep your pets safe and warm this winter with these tips:

  • Always bring your pets inside when temperatures are below freezing.
  • Wipe off your dog’s paws after going outside in winter. Ice-melting chemicals can make pets sick.
  • Don’t let pets lick antifreeze. Your pets may think it’s sweet, but it’s poisonous for them to eat.
  • If you see pets wandering outside in cold weather, call your local animal control agency.

For more tips to keep your pets safe this winter, visit https://www.ready.gov/pet-toolkit. Join the conversation on social media with #PetPreparedness.