• 11:57 am Bladen’s Best of the Best for 2019
  • 11:35 am Updated news about Bladen County Election Investigations
  • 12:50 am Pork Skins Recall
  • 12:27 am Sayaun Dent & Sandhills Fifth In NJCAA Nationals
  • 12:24 am Track & Field Knights Third in St. Pauls Meet
  • 12:16 am Patty Evers Coaches North Carolina to All-Star Win
  • 12:11 am DeVane and Harrelson initiated into oldest Honor Society


If you’re cold, your pets are too! Make sure you keep your pets safe and warm this winter with these tips:

  • Always bring your pets inside when temperatures are below freezing.
  • Wipe off your dog’s paws after going outside in winter. Ice-melting chemicals can make pets sick.
  • Don’t let pets lick antifreeze. Your pets may think it’s sweet, but it’s poisonous for them to eat.
  • If you see pets wandering outside in cold weather, call your local animal control agency.

For more tips to keep your pets safe this winter, visit https://www.ready.gov/pet-toolkit. Join the conversation on social media with #PetPreparedness.