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Politicians Appreciation Day was a success

The Politicians Appreciation Day drew a big crowd Saturday evening at Lu Mil Vineyard in Dublin. The event was held to show appreciation for our political figures and to let the political leaders show appreciation to their voters according to one of the organizers, Cindy Brisson.

In attendance were many politicians, their supporters, and citizens wanting to learn more about our leaders. The atmosphere was light and easy going while certain political leaders were recognized for their service.

To kick the event off Emery White welcomed everyone, Ron Sasser, a boy scout from troop number 500, lead the pledge of allegiance. Then, Autum Brisson and Madison Cain took the stage to perform the National Anthem.

While folks enjoyed a meal from Dove’s BBQ and entertainment by Jimmy Gatlin they took time to thank the political leaders and started to learn more about our political leaders.

Zane Singletary, Chairman of the Bladen County Democratic Party, gave recognition to all the democratic leaders Bladen County has had serve. He said, “I’m excited to see all these people here tonight. The democratic party has a long and rich heritage here in Bladen County. We take pride in all our leaders we have provided to this great state.

Landon Bordeaux, Chairman of the Bladen County Republican Party was on the program, but was not in attendance and no one spoke on behalf of the Republican Party.

Retired Judge William C. Gore spoke to crowd about the great job the judges have done in our state. Some of those he mentioned were Judge Scott Ussery, Judge Jason Disbrow and  Judge Marion Warren.

Gore also bragged on Bladen County Clerk of Court Nikki Dennis and Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker. He said, “You couldn’t have a more honest, straight forward, elite sheriff than you do with your Sheriff Jim McVicker.”

Guest speaker, Congressman Robert Pittenger,  discussed some of the issues our country is facing. He said, “We have a $19 trillion debt, that is our biggest problem because it effects so much of our economy.” 

“I see as I travel and meet with heads of states the peril our country faces. We have never been so threaten.” Pittenger said.

However, he gave hope to the audience by reminding everyone their votes count and there are good leaders running for office.

Superior Court Judge Douglas Sasser was a guest speaker as well. He said,  “Please do get out and vote and encourage your friends and neighbors to get out and vote. It is very important.”

Sasser is also running for re-election and has an opponent, Chris Livingston, this election season. Sasser said, “If you put me back in and give me the opportunity to serve you another eight years, I will do my absolute best.” 

Judge Jason Disbrow, had rave reviews for our Clerk of Courts, Nikki Dennis and our Sheriff, Jim McVicker. He is running unopposed in November but said, “I still need your vote in November, I would appreciate it very much.”

Administrative Officer of the Court Administrator Marion Warren said, “I’m a recovering politician.” He said, “I’m here on behalf of Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court Mark Martin, who appreciates each and everyone of you for taking out this time to be here with us.”

Warren gave a run down of all the judges up for election. He ended by saying, “Give the judges your support and attention.”

Certificates of appreciation were handed out to McCrae Dowless, Billy Ray Pait, Representative Ken Waddell and Representative William Brisson.

Candidates up for election were given a couple of minutes to introduce themselves and talk a bit about their platforms.

More political figures running in this years’ elections that were in attendance at the event are listed below.

Bladen County Board of Education Candidates Present:

Berry Lewis and Wilbur Smith Jr.

Bladen County Board of Education District 1 Candidates Present:

Sabrina Murchison

NC House of Representatives District 46 Candidates Present:

Brendon Jones

Tim Benton

NC House of Representatives District 22

William Brisson

Ben Snyder

Bladen County Board of Commissioners County Wide

Avery Rising

James G. (Jimmie) Smith

Pamela Benton

David Gooden and Billy Ray Britt.

Bladen County Commissioner District 3

Wayne Edge and Ashley Trivette

Check out your ballot at Bladen County’s website:

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