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Chairman of the Bladen County Republican Party, Walter McDuffie has sent a letter to the North Carolina Board of Elections to dispute a request he said the North Carolina State Board of Elections made. McDuffie said the state requested the Bladen County Republican Party make new nominations for the local Board of Elections.

Bobby Ludlum and Rob Davis are the two members that served on the board before it was dismantled due to the district 9 election investigation. The two local nominees for the Republican party were nominated again to continue to serve on the board.  McDuffie said the two men are two good, community serving men and he will stick behind his them. Ludlum and Davis have done nothing wrong, McDuffie stated. To nominate someone else for their seats would be punishing them when they have done nothing wrong, according to McDuffie.

The party will not make any new nominations and will continue to back Ludlum and Davis for the Republican seats on the Bladen County Board of Elections seats according to McDuffie.

Read the letter here: