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Updated: Recount for NC and Bladen County General Election Races

by Charlotte Smith

Update: Christopher L. Williams, Director Bladen County Board of Elections announced Monday evening, “Bladen County will be conducting a recount for the race of Bladen County Commissioners at large between G. Michael Cogdell and David R. Gooden. This recount will also be for NC Supreme Court Chief Justice Seat 01between Cheri Beasley and Paul Newby. We will be conducting both recounts at the same time. This will save money and time to recount both races at the same time.

The recount will be Saturday November 21, 2020 starting at 10:00 am until finished. Seating will be limited due to Covid- 19 and will be given special consideration to the candidates, designated observers and Political Party Chairs or their representatives.”

He added, “Everyone attending will be required to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be available for everyone.”

The Bladen County Board of Elections office is located at 301 S Cypress Street in Elizabethtown.

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Bladen County Board of Elections Director Chris Williams announced today there would be a statewide recount for the North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice seat and a recount for the County-wide Bladen County Commissioner race.

Bladen County Commissioner David Gooden, a candidate in the General Election for the county-wide commissioner’s seat, submitted a request for a recount to the Bladen County Board of Elections this morning. In the letter Mr. Gooden stated, “As a result of the election results from November 13, 2020 election canvass noting that the difference between my total election vote count and another candidate’s vote count for the same position is not more than 1%, I am demanding a mandatory hand-to-eye recount of votes, within the jurisdirction of the Bladen County Board of Elections.”

Commissioner Godden added in his submission,” I further note that the requirements of the North Carolina election statue, Chapter 163-182.7(d) (ordering recounts) and Chapter 163-182.7A (additional provisions for hand-to-eye recounts) shall apply, with consideration to the fact that, if a hand-to-eye recount is not initially performed and deemed satisfactory, it may then become necessary to perform a second recount. Thus, I am exercising my right to demand a discretionary hand-to-eye recount for this initial recount.”

Commissioner Gooden trails Commissioner Michael G. Cogdell in the county-wide commissioner race by ten votes according to the election results.

Bladen County Election Totals

Mr. Williams said the request for a recount of the statewide NC Supreme Court Chief Justice seat was announced today by the NC Board of Elections counsel, Katelyn Love. Incumbent Cheri Beasley is behind Candidate Paul Newby by a total of 230 votes.

Mr. Williams explained he is waiting to hear back from the state board of elections before scheduling the recount meeting for Bladen County.

“It would save time and money,” Mr. Williams said while explaining why it would be good to hold the state and county elections’ recount at the same time.

Mr. Williams reported, “Several absentee ballots came in after the 3rd, but they were not counted, and no more ballots came in without a postmark.”

Last week the local elections board in Bladen County held a random hand-to-eye recount for the Presidential race in two Bladen County precincts as required during a Presidential race.

The two chosen precincts were the Colly and Bethel sites. Both hand-to-eye recounts total the same as the machine’s count without discrepancy. will publish the date of the recount meeting as soon as the officials announce the date and time.

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