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Recount for State Auditor completed; no change in results

Bladen-County-Board-of-ElectionsBladen County Board of Elections Chairman Bobby Ludlum said that Thursday’s recount for the North Carolina State Auditor’s race led to one vote that changed, but the official results remained the same. Incumbent Democrat Beth Wood won the race for State Auditor.

Ludlum said that in the Abbottsburg precinct, there was one vote found that was cast for Republican Chuck Stuber and in the absentee by mail, there were two votes found that were cast for incumbent Democrat Beth Wood. The final vote count for Wood for Bladen County only was 7,886 votes or 52.95 percent of the vote to Stuber’s 7,006 votes or 47.05 percent of the vote.

“The state had to bring the absentee by mail ballots to us and they watched us count them,” said Ludlum. He added that once the recount was completed, the representatives from the NC State Board of Elections packed the ballots and resealed them and took them back to Raleigh. Ludlum said the State Board of Elections is planning on turning them over, along with other evidence of voter fraud, to the Eastern District of the United States’ Prosecutors Office.

According to reports, prior to the recount, Stuber trailed Wood by about 6,000 votes but following Thursday’s statewide recount Wood’s lead widened to 6,054 votes.  The final statewide total shows Wood with 2,259,434 votes or 50.07 percent of the vote and Stuber with 2,253,374 votes or 49.93 percent of the vote.

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