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Rep. Brenden Jones Responds to Recovery Aid Money not Being Released

Rep. Brenden Jones

Raleigh, NC – On Monday, April 16th, Rep. Brenden Jones (R-Columbus, Bladen, Robeson) attended the House Select Committee on Disaster Relief.  A representative from the Department of Emergency Management presented information and answered questions pertaining to Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts.

“After yesterday’s committee meeting, I am incredibly frustrated and concerned that Governor Cooper and officials responsible for administering these funds refuse to explain why they are not providing assistance in a reasonable amount of time,” stated Rep. Jones.  “Recent reports indicate that a $236 million grant intended to assist recovery efforts from Hurricane Matthew has yet to be spent by the Governor.  South Carolina is moving quickly on their recovery efforts, as they are six months ahead of North Carolina.”

Many towns and cities in the 46th district, such as Fair Bluff and Lumberton, were severely impacted by Hurricane Matthew and recovery efforts have been slow to materialize.  The General Assembly passed the Disaster Recovery Act of 2017 and a community development block grant was awarded to the state last fall.  However, the Governor and other officials responsible for overseeing these funds refuse to explain why there is such a glaring delay in response.

“Folks are suffering and I will not sit idly by and remain silent on this issue.  Perhaps a thorough investigation is warranted to determine exactly why they refuse to do their jobs in an adequate and timely manner.  My constituents sent me to Raleigh to represent and fight for them and I won’t stop until answers are given and relief is provided.”

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