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Rep. Brenden Jones Works to Pass HB835, Create Chain of Survival Task Force

Raleigh, NC – Representative Brenden Jones (R-Columbus, Bladen, Robeson) is pleased to announce the passage of HB835 entitled “Create Chain of Survival Task Force.”  The bill creates a chain of survival public-private task force that will identify ways to achieve funding for the placement of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDS) in all state buildings and agencies, as well as all public schools.

“I am pleased to join with Reps. Carney, Lewis and Earle as a primary sponsor of HB835,” stated Rep. Jones.  “This is the first step in identifying how best to pursue and obtain funding for the placement of AEDS in governmental facilities. In addition, this 14-member Task Force will identify how best to train employees to administer lifesaving actions in the event of a medical episode.”

“This issue became a passion of mine upon learning of a young student who experienced a medical episode and was unable to receive the proper medical attention in a timely manner. I want to make sure that our children are protected at any cost.”  The bill passed by a vote of 118-1 and has been sent to the Senate.

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