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Clarkton School of Discovery

In a continued effort to offer the students at Clarkton School of Discovery an A+ education through opportunities in the Arts, we are pleased to welcome EbzB Productions to our campus.

Friday,April 17th, CSD students ​present​ed​ The Wisdom Givers. This production was completely created, researched, written, publicized, produced, and performed by the sixth graders ​at Clarkton School of Discovery. A grassroots grant, made possible by the North Carolina Arts Council, allowed us to bring in professional teaching artists, Serena Ebhardt and David zum Brunnen from E.B.Z.B. Productions to facilitate.

Inspired by an idea from a book on our 6th grade reading list, The​ ​Giver, Serena and David asked our students to interview and request the wisdom of older Bladen County citizens. The students documented the answers to these three questions…

1) What is wrong with our world?

2) What would you recommend we do to fix it?

3) What is right with our world?

The answers were compiled to create a script for today’s performance.

Popular music​ ​was​ ​incorporated into the production and it was fun to see the audience join​ ​in singing​ ​and dancing​ ​through the final song. There​ ​was a brief post-show discussion with the​ ​students and teaching artists.

​In addition to the performance, students created a blog to document the three week process. Photos, student work, audio projects and personal thoughts and comments can be found at ​http://wisdomgivers.blogspot.com

​This opportunity was made possible through a grant with the NC Arts Council. ​

David zum Brunnen and Serena Ebhardt, with EbzB Productions’ Teaching Artists asked us to share the following:

We just completed an Arts in Education residency at the Clarkton School of Discovery and while we shared our gratitude for the experience with the teachers specifically, we thought our letter to them worth sharing with the Bladen County community at large. As I’m sure many of you know, there are a lot of great things happening in Bladen County, and the Clarkton School of Discovery is certainly a shining example. Thanks so much for allowing us to visit there.

From our letter to the teachers at CSD…..

“Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your 2015 winter and spring semester with The Wisdom Givers residency. We simply fell in love with your students, the Clarkton School of Discovery, and the people of Clarkton.

In case it’s not obvious to you in your everyday work, it’s apparent to us that you’ve got a great school, great faculty & great staff there. And even though many of the students were unable to complete the interview process, we were humbled by every single student’s initiative in any and all of the aspects of the residency in which they found a way to participate. They are all to be congratulated, particularly in light of the some of the discoveries made in the residency’s process that several of the students noted on Friday. We hope they will share more in the blog, and we hope their lives have been enriched at least in some small way. Ours certainly have been in our brief experience there.

Many, many thanks to Jennifer Marlowe for arranging our time there, and much gratitude to each of you for your support during our visits.”

All good wishes,
David zum Brunnen and Serena Ebhardt
EbzB Productions’ Teaching Artists