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One resident who lives near the intersection of NC 131 and NC 41 West said the intersection is not safe, in his opinion. That was following a crash in the intersection on Friday morning involving two tractor-trailer trucks and a pick-up truck. Fortunately, there were only minor injuries.

Alfred G. Roberts said the intersection has seen a number of crashes since it was reconfigured by NC Department of Transportation in 2015. The original intersection saw NC 131 cross NC 41 West. Now, the intersection has been offset, and the old roadway turned to a secondary road.

Roberts said that the crashes still continue in the intersection, even though it has been reconfigured.

He said he believes the solution is to change the intersection back to its original configuration and add a four way stop signal. Roberts said he felt that would lower the number of crashes.

Roberts said that the stop light was what the residents had initially requested from DOT when they opted instead to reconfigure the intersection.

Prior to the reconfiguration of the intersection, Roberts crashes were frequent and he had no idea how many motorists had lost their lives there.

Roberts would like to have NC DOT revisit the intersection and take another look at safety along the roadway.