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Residents in low lying areas are encouraged to go to shelters

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hurricaneCurrent forecast models indicate that Hurricane Matthew will potentially have more of an impact and bring in more rain to Bladen County than was expected.  After discussing these changes, Bladen County officials have decided to open shelters on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. The locations of the shelters are as follows;

  • East Bladen High School, 5600 NC-87, Elizabethtown, NC 28337
  • West Bladen High School, 1600 NC-410, Bladenboro, NC 28320
  • Bladen Lakes Elementary School, 9554 Johnsontown Rd, Elizabethtown, NC 28337
  • East Arcadia Elementary School, 21451 NC-87, Riegelwood, NC 28456

Residents in low lying areas are encouraged to go to the shelters.

BARTS will be available for transportation to the shelters beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday. Please contact them at 910-862-6930. Residents are encouraged to contact them early as they will not be available after the winds reach a sustained 25 miles/hour.

Please remember to bring the following items with you to the shelter;

*Medicines/ Medical Supplies/ Bottled Water

*Ready to Use Baby Formula/Milk/ Snacks/Treats. Please make sure all food is prepackaged, ready to use; no home cooked foods. 

*Canned Foods/Can Opener/ Diapers/Wipes

*Toilet Paper

*Feminine Products/ Flashlight/ Batteries

*Soap (liquid)

*Paper Towels

*Tissue/ Toothbrush/Toothpaste/ Brush/Comb/Pillow/Blanket

*2-3 Days Change of Clothes/ Dentures/Dental Adhesive /Glasses/Contacts

*Hearing Aids/ Radio

*First Aid Supplies

*Air Mattress/Sleeping Bag/ Reading Material/Games

To report downed trees and power lines, please contact the Bladen County Emergency Operations Center at 910-862-7809.

Stay tuned to your local and social media channels, and follow the storm at #MatthewNC, #ncwx, #Bladenwx.