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Revaluation Varies In Southeastern North Carolina

Bladen County has recently been going through a revaluation of property. By law, property must be revalued every eight years, although each county may decide to revalue their property in a lesser number of years. For instance, in southeastern North Carolina, Brunswick county revaluated in 2015 and will revalued again in 2019. New Hanover revalued in 2012 and  will do it again in 2017.

The county commissioners of each county set their tax rate high enough to justify their yearly budget. This year’s tax rate for Bladen County is .8200. Other southeastern N.C. counties and rates are: Brunswick .4850. Columbus .8050. Duplin .7300. New Hanover .5740. Pender .6850. Robeson .7700. Sampson .8300. Brunswick and New Hanover are among the fastest growing counties in the state, thus due to more population and more building the county decided that they needed to revalue more often than every eight years.

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  1. AKinlaw AKinlaw 09/26/2015

    So, if the county was more accepting of growth and new business, the counties tax rate would be lower? 😉

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