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Roundtable Committee, Many Hearts One Beat Making a Difference

Law enforcement, minority leaders, and other civic-minded individuals held a committee meeting this week to solve issues facing the mother county.

Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker said he was excited about the opportunity to work with the community to make a positive change.

Fletcher “Big Show” Collins is one of the leaders of a committee in Bladen County titled the meeting, “Many Hearts, One Beat,” because the group is working together to make a positive difference for equality in the area.

“Like a buffet, take what values you and leave what doesn’t without saying anything negative because that’s for someone else,” Collins said.

He added, “I’m here to be a voice for those who may not know how to voice their needs and to help my community leaders make a positive change.”

Elizabeth Blanks, one of the committee members, offers help for young families and single parents with her 4H Life Skills program. The JCPC funds her program to help train life skills and parenting classes.

Blanks said, “I’m here and available for the county whatever needs just as life skills and strengthening families, I’m here to help. I love children.”

Anyone interested in Blanks’ program may visit 450 Smith Circle Drive, Elizabethtown. Call for an appointment 910-862-4591 ext. 7860.

View the video interview with Ms. Blanks on our YouTube Channel.

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