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By Charlotte Smith

It’s that time of year again. Bladen County students and their parents are preparing for school. There are some homeschooled students as well as charter schools reporting classes are already in session. 

Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy in Elizabethtown and Columbus Charter School in Whiteville already have Bladen County students in classes. Emereau: Bladen, a public charter school in Elizabethtown, will start back tomorrow, Thursday, August 1st.

The first day of classes for Bladen County Schools will be Monday, August 26. Private Christian schools start back one right after the other. August the 12th will be the first day for Community Baptist Academy, while August 13th is the first day of school for Harrells Christian Academy, leaving Elizabethtown Christian Academy the last of the local private schools to begin on August 14th.

Not to forget higher education, Bladen Community College will be back in session as well on August 15th.

You may visit the schools’ websites linked above to find out more. However, when shopping remember to shop local. When you shop local you keep more money in the community, you help provide jobs and you invest in entrepreneurship.

We have several stores in Bladen County offering back to school savings.

One local store owner, Mike Suggs, with Fishers Men’s Shop and The Ladies Shop said, “All our uniforms are half price right now.”

Michael Leinwand, with Leinwands in Elizabethtown also said they are offering uniforms.

Walmart, Bladen Office Supplies and other local stores report being fully stocked with school supplies.

Keep in mind all the benefits to shopping local while getting prepared for going back to school. All these stores mentioned have been known to support our local schools financially and have assisted our communities during our times of need.