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School-aged children – ages 5 and up (entering kindergarten in the Fall) are eligible to receive FREE school supplies from the Good Will during this program, hosted by Ms. Stephanie McLean. All school-aged children must be registered by a guardian PRIOR to the program. Families of school-aged children are encouraged to attend ONE event during the week, considering that the Good Will has to be provided numbers in advance. Also, please be aware that the press will possibly be at each event. If you do not want your child(ren) photographed please express that right to staff BEFORE the event.

During the fourth week of Summer Reading, the Good Will Community Foundation will come to the following library branches in Bladen County:

-Bridger Memorial, July 20, 3 PM, 910-863-4586
-Clarkton Public Library, July 21, 3 PM, 910-647-3661
-Bladen County Public Library, Elizabethtown, 3 PM, 910-862-6990

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