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Science is Fun at East Arcadia School

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The day was filled with Science facts and fun at East Arcadia School. The Science students held their second annual Science Festival at the Berline P. Graham Multipurpose Building with assistance from the community. The event showcased hands on science experiments from diffraction action to a breathing machine to stimulate the hearts and minds of the students in the Science world. 

The middle school students assisted in teaching the elementary school students all about science and the fun you can find in it. When we asked seventh grade student, Ashanti Munn-Groins, what her favorite part of the day was she said, “It was describing the model of the lungs.” Ashanti was wearing a shirt she made the day before with a diagram of the lungs. She told us Science is her favorite subject.

All the students enjoyed the day of learning and creating. Seventh grader, Kendrick Hayes, explained with excitement, “We made gross glue with polymer, borax, food coloring, and water. It was so sticky!”

Ms. Vivian Mitchell, the middle school Science Teacher said, “We have this event to show the students science is fun and can relate to everyday life.” She added, “We had volunteers come from the community which was great!” 

The day included garden in gloves, building bubbles, marshmallow towers, gross glue, rising coins, refraction actions, face paintings, stomp rockets, education about the lungs and other body parts and a lot much more.The outcome of the event is riveting for students, parents, and community volunteers. They all enjoyed a day of Science fun!

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