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Sheriff’s Office to conduct Glamour in the Slammer

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Bladen County Sheriff's DepartmentThe Bladen County Sheriff’s Office is conducting Operation Glamour in the Slammer this afternoon to raise funds for Bladen We Care.

All Bladen County employees, municipal employees, and elected officials are encouraged to participate.

To participate simply come to the magistrate’s office at the new detention center between the hours of 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. and turn yourself in. You will be “processed” as a “prisoner” into the new facility. A “bond” will be set (normally $25 but more is appreciated) and once your “bond” is posted you can be released. Everyone is encouraged to stay for two hours or so for training purposes. By participating in this event you will be giving the jail staff experience in operating in the new center. In addition, the “bond” monies collected will be donated  to the non-profit Bladen We Care, a tax deductible entity.

A meal is provided for this event. Please ensure your “bail” money is arranged prior to the event. Parking is provided in the parking area at the new law enforcement center located at 299 Smith Circle in Elizabethtown.

For more information, contact Sheryl Young at 910-862-6961.