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Sheriff’s Office Training Unit offers Church Security Training


Bladen County Sheriff's Department
Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker established a specialized training unit in 2015.

“One of the first assigned tasks of the unit was to prepare a structured House of Worship Safety and Security presentation. The initiative was launched in January 2016 at the First Baptist Church in Elizabethtown,” said Sgt. Gary Turlington.

Since that time, according to Turlington, the Bladen County Sheriffs Office Training Unit has delivered 39 separate presentations for houses of worship and faith based properties. The intent is to inform any requesting participants of the current trends and to provide guidance in the establishment and undertaking of an effective security plan or to improve existing ones. As always, this training and presentation is absolutely free of charge.

If anyone wishes to participate or host this training at their house of worship or faith based property,  just call the Bladen County sheriffs office or visit the Bladen County Sheriffs Office Facebook page.

“Sheriff Jim McVicker presents this important program as a cooperative effort between the Bladen County sheriffs office and the citizens of our region and as a community out reach to improve our community’s safety through this corroborative effort,” said Turlington.

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