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A local non-profit is asking for donations to help a cat named Kalli. A Shelter Friend is a local non-profit with a vision to end the killing of homeless and unwanted pets.

According to A Shelter Friend, the cat named Kalli was brought in by animal control needing emergency medical attention.

On their Facebook fundraising event, A Shelter Friend stated, “Again, we are facing another medical emergency … Only time and lots of TLC will tell. Despite all her pain, Kalli is sweet and loving. She loves head scratches and gravitates to our touch. After all that she has endured, we just cannot let her die. She deserves a chance at life and a loving home. Please, she is going to need donations for her continued care….”

To donate, visit ashelterfriend.org and click on the donate button, or use the venmo.com/ashelterfriend payment method, or donate on Facebook.

Find out more about Kalli and the fundraiser at: https://www.facebook.com/donate/863582794853811

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