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Sinkhole at cemetery after Hurricane Florence

By Charlotte Smith

The Elizabethtown City Cemetery has been damaged due to a giant sinkhole giving way after the flood waters from Hurricane Florence subsided. The graveyard is located behind the Old Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery in Elizabethtown on E. Queen Street.

Eroding soil has moved grave markers from where they once stood. The ground has shifted and is affecting a large perimeter. The ground has shifted from one side of the graveyard, crossing the damaged Queen Street and showing parts of the sinkhole on the other side of the street.

Eddie Madden, Town of Elizabethtown Manager said, “We have seen geological changes at the cemetery. We have contacted the North Carolina Cemetery Commission for technical assistance to restore the cemetery.”

After the town receives instructions from the commission, they will move forward with repairing the cemetery, according to Madden.

Emergency Officials warn citizens it is not safe to visit the cemetery and E. Queen Street is closed. The Go Gas property down from the graveyard and the church’s cemetery does not appear to be effected by the sinkhole damage at this time. A representative with the Go Gas company reported to; GoGas is sending an engineer to look at at the sinkhole damage. 


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