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By Leyton Ezzell

College will always be a fundamental time to expand a person’s knowledge and experiences of life and a time to change oneself for the better; that being said, many new college students are going for the first time, and there will be difficulties that they might not have thought of, especially with stressing factors college students may not be aware of.

One of the first key stress factors that college students might not be aware of would be their room. A major stress inducer can be if the room is not organized in the way the student wants, causing the student’s workflow to be interrupted before it can begin. Sometimes, the best thing to do isn’t to do homework in the room but find an area to focus, even if it’s outside.

Another factor may be whether it’s better to do homework or study with music or not. Studies show that having podcasts or music on while taking in information will help the information stick to the individual. This will also help block out possible distractions in the environment.

Many people do not realize that it’s okay to take a break, whether it be an hour or a day. Homework can be stressful, and students must simply walk away from the desk whenever it’s needed. Surrounding oneself with work will only cause them to think about work.

Springing off of taking a break, homework with friends will always be better than homework by yourself. Doing homework with friends can keep one focused and on task and provide a good hang-out session. Another good reason is you and your friends can also help each other through the tasks the group has to do.

While college is an amazing experience, it can be somewhat stressful to some, and there are many different ways to help with that. As in the examples above, the most important thing a student can do is to take care of themselves first.

By implementing strategies such as organizing their living space, finding suitable study environments, taking necessary breaks, engaging in collaborative study sessions, balancing academics with extracurricular activities, and prioritizing mental health, students can better manage their stress and enhance their overall college experience.

Ultimately, college is not just about academic achievements but also about personal growth and development. Embracing the journey, with all its challenges and rewards, will lead to a more fulfilling and enriching college experience.

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