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I would like to say Thank You to the Southeastern Cruisers Car Club of Bladenboro and the Police Department Of Bladenboro for what they did for the students of Bladenboro Primary Elementary School yesterday.

My daughter Hannah Pait, who attends kindergarten at Bladenboro Primary Elementary, was one of the 20 students to go on a surprise Christmas shopping trip at Walmart in Elizabethtown provided and funded by the Bladenboro Police Department. The SouthEastern Cruisers Car Club of Bladenboro got together and bought 20 bikes for each of the students who went on the shopping trip. And not only did they pay for the bikes out of their organization’s money, they also put the bikes together themselves.

You know, I can’t thank them enough for what the Bladenboro Police department and the Southeastern Cruisers done for my little girl, Hannah Pait, to make her Christmas extra special this year. Hannah Pait truly enjoyed her trip and the gifts that she personally got to pick out along with 19 other students from the primary school.

What the Bladenboro Police Department did and the Southeastern Cruisers Car Club did to make theses students’ Christmas extra special was a blessing to my family as I am sure it was a blessing to the other families. I truly thank you for going above and beyond to make these kids smile. Thank you each and everyone of you for what you have done. It truly was amazing and a blessing at the same time.

Thank You,
Rodney and Selina Pait.