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Elizabethtown, NC – A farming family from Bladen County has been approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the North Carolina Department of Agriculture to import top quality certified industrial hemp seeds from Europe in support of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program early April 2017.


Cesar and Luciano Alvarado, brothers and owners of Palomo Farms LLC, will offer a large variety of industrial hemp seeds only to farmers who have been approved by the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Commission to cultivate industrial hemp for research purposes.


Currently, the United States does not have a large-scale industrial hemp production and relies solely on imported hemp; however, with the legalization of industrial hemp production this will help with the study of market place opportunities for industrial hemp products in the State and cultivation methods that are best for Carolina soil conservation and restoration.


“We are honored to have been granted this opportunity,” said Cesar Alvarado.  “But most of all, we’re ecstatic about being part of a plan that has the potential to bring more business to the State, especially the local community.”


Palomo Farms LLC is now taking industrial hemp seed pre-orders for the 2017 crop, with a deadline of May 5.

Palomo Farms Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1