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SFGA Plays At Diamond Back Golf Course

The Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association held a 4 man Superball Tournament at Diamond Back Golf Course on Tuesday, May 29, with 60 members participating.

The First Flight winners with a score of 63 were C.L. Gore, Jack Thompson, Charles Hungerford and Jerry Willoughby.

Second flight winners with a score of 65 were Wilber Simmons, Terry Medlin, John D. Elliott and Ray Crabtree.

Next week’s tournament will be held at Fairmont Golf Course.

Diamond Back Golf Course
May 28, 2019–(60 Players)

First Flight
1st Place–(63) C.L. Gore, Jack Thompson, Charles Hungerford, Jerry Willoughby
2nd Place–(63) Rob Conway, Gary Bass, Bob Cox
3rd Place–(63) Sandy Holland, Danny Wiggins, Kenneth Britt, Livingston Lewis

Second Flight
1st Place-(65) Wilber Simmons, Terry Medlin, J.D. Elliott, Ray Crabtree
2nd Place–(65) Edwin Skipper, Mickey Brisson, Terry Strickl, John Blake
3rd Place–(65) Frank Gray, Rudy Pait, Jim Tori, Bill Small


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