• 4:49 pm NICA racers return to Brown’s Creek Bike Trail in Bladen County
  • 4:34 pm Phase II ahead of schedule in downtown Elizabethtown
  • 2:40 pm UNCW presents a two-night celebration featuring selections from operas and operettas
  • 2:38 pm Southeastern Fellowship Senior Golf Association Plays At Deercroft
  • 2:35 pm State Superintendent Mark Johnson Announces $2 million in Federal Grant Aid to Districts and Schools Affected by 2018 Hurricanes

By Erin Smith

The NC State Board of Elections is set to meet on Thursday, February 7, at 10 a.m. at the Dobbs Building in Raleigh and one of the topics will be the appointment of County Board of Election members. 

Bladen County Board of Elections Director Valeria McKoy said, “No not yet,” when asked if the State has appointed members to the Bladen County Board of Elections. She said she does not know who the nominees are for the Bladen County Board of Elections panel. McKoy said she expects to learn who the new members will be following the State Board of Elections meeting on Thursday. 

The 9th Congressional District which includes Bladen County has been mired in controversy since the November 2018 General Election. The NC State Board of Elections voted not to certify the results of the 9th Congressional District race and they notified the Bladen County Board of Elections to not issue a certificate of election for the Bladen County Commissioner District 3 and the Bladen County Soil and Water District Board races. 

According to unofficial results published on the NC State Board of Elections website, Republican candidate Mark Harris leads Democratic candidate Dan McCready by 905 votes.  Harris’ campaign tried unsuccessfully to have Wake County Superior Court Judge Paul Ridgeway to certify the results of the election. 

An evidentiary hearing in the election fraud investigation is set for Feb. 18 -20 at the NC State Bar in Raleigh at 10 a.m.