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We have received many questions from reporters, supporters, and concerned citizens about the impact of yesterday’s ruling by a three judge panel of the Obama-ridden United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit that found North Carolina’s current Congressional districts to be unconstitutional. While we disagree with this ruling and believe it to be another example of judicial activism run amok, based on what we are hearing from judicial and redistricting experts, as well as our legislative leaders, we feel confident that the Supreme Court will stay the ruling and our election will proceed as scheduled with no changes to the 9th Congressional District.

I spent today in Raleigh meeting with legislators from across the 9th District about yesterday’s redistricting ruling as well as many other critical issues facing our district and our state. I share their frustrations that these three federal judges have declared themselves kings and, without any sound Constitutional basis, declared our Congressional districts unconstitutional. I applaud our legislators for having the courage to stand up to these liberal, activist judges and fight to uphold the rule of law! Stopping activist judges such as these is one of many reasons why it is key that we must maintain a conservative Republican majority in Congress and in our state legislature.

Mark Harris
Republican Candidate for NC’s 9th Congressional District