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By Erin Smith

The town of Tar Heel faired well during Hurricane Florence’s wrath, according to Mayor Roy Dew.

The town hall lost part of the roof and some trees were reported down, said Dew.

“The town has already taken care of the trees,” said Dew.

Some roads still remain closed, namely River Road, Tar Heel Ferry Road, and Burney Road due to flooding from the Cape Fear River. The river crested at 70.75 feet, which is about two feet higher than the crest for Hurricane Matthew, according to the National Weather Service.

He said power was back on in the town on Sunday. The town hall used to serve as the town’s fire station until it relocated to its current location on Tar Heel Ferry Road. Dew said the section of roofing that was torn off was covering the former truck bay.

Dew said a couple of homes that were constructed in low-lying areas had some issues with flooding, but there was no catastrophic flooding. He said the river never entered the town’s limits.

On Friday, the town has pretty much returned to normal with all of its businesses have re-opened.

Larry Martin, who was making repairs to the Tar Heel Rescue Building, said, “We got by very good.”

Martin said a section of metal roofing blew off the town hall and cut an electrical line and shorted out the town’s generator. He also said the storm tore the gutters off the rescue building.

Martin said the town received a lot of water. He said his rain gauge at home, though not scientific, recorded about 24 inches of rainfall during the storm.

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