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Tar Heel Has Light Agenda, Quick Meeting

By Blake Proctor

With Councilmember Angeline Hall excused absent, Mayor Sam Allen called the meeting to order at 6pm. The Mayor led the Pledge of Allegiance and then provided the invocation.

Town Clerk Tara Nichols distributed the minutes of the October meeting as well as the combined October and November Finance report, as there was no meeting last month due to the general election. With only minor discussion and queries, these documents were unanimously approved.

The only item of old business was the agreement with the Sheriff’s Department regarding picketers protesting in the Town due to Smithfield’s hog processing plant, which incidentally is outside the Town Limits. Mayor Allen is attempting to make an appointment with Sheriff Vickers to discuss this agreement.

In new business, the Board discussed the wind damage to many old trees on 2nd Street from the recent windstorm. Resident Jeremy Singletary has offered to clear the limbs out of 2nd street for $100.

Councilmember Michael Underwood moved to approve this expenditure, with Councilmember Derek Druzak seconding; the motion carried unanimously.

Mayor Allen and Councilmember Underwood volunteered to view the town for additional tree damage, and the Board would decide at the next meeting if that amount to Mr. Singletary should be increased, and have him clear other areas.

It was announced that the Christmas lights were up, but the ornament normally at the icehouse is missing; the Mayor will check to ensure it hasn’t gone into someone’s back yard.

Councilmember Underwood stated, incidentally, that he would like to see more decorations on State Road 87 through town, and said he would like to contact Duke Energy Progress to install additional “pigtail” electrical plugs on more poles along that highway.

Mayor Allen opined that, in light of increased positive cases of Xi Jingpingfluenza in the state and region, it may be wise to cancel the Town Christmas party this year, and the Board concurred unanimously.

Since it was determined that the propane tank for the furnace at the Community building was, virtually empty, it might be a good idea to have Bob Taylor Oil put the Town on a refill schedule this winter.

Continuing in that vein, Mayor Allen observed that the winds and heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Eta seem to have forced water into the area of the restrooms; the vents in the restrooms will have to be checked for adequate sealants.

Councilmember Underwood noted that, as with Mr. Singletary, many town residents do little things above and beyond what is necessary to help keep the Town clean.

He thought that an annual ceremony to present certificates of appreciation might be considered, and it was agreed that this could be discussed at the January meeting.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:27pm.

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