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Tar Heel Meets in Delayed Session

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by Blake Proctor

The regular 6pm meeting of the Tar Heel Town Council was delayed a quarter hour on Tuesday, October 5th due to lack of a quorum: Councilmember Mike Underwood had already been excused, as he had to be out of town; Councilmember Angie Hall was otherwise unavoidably detained.

With Ms. Hall’s arrival, a quorum was established with Councilmember Derek Druzak the other attending Board member. Mayor Sam Allen called the meeting to order at 6:16pm; the Pledge to the Flag was recited, and Mayor Allen provided the invocation.

First on the agenda were approvals of the minutes from the September 7th Council meeting and approval of last month’s Finance Report. The minutes were quickly dispatched.

However, Town Clerk Tara Nichols explained that she was unable to prepare that latter report since all the books were at auditors Thompson, Price, Scott, Adams & Company as they prepared Tar Hel’s 2020-2021 audit.

Carried over from the September meeting was action on the requested billboard sign for Wayne Johnson of Wayne’s Wheels. As it has now been determined that the property is outside the town limits, Ms. Nichols will contact Mr. Johnson to apprise him of the finding, and to have him contact Greg Elkins at County Planning.

The calendar year 2022 mowing contract under the Powell Bill was discussed at length and approved by consensus; the final mow this season will be in late October or early November. The Board then discussed and approved the non-Powell Bill mowing. Ms. Nichols will prepare the ads seeking bidders.

The Council then again broached the matter of Christmas decorations. It was understood that time was running out on the selection and purchase of these decorations for NC87 through Town. Although mentioned, no decision was made on holding a called meeting to select these decorations.

In New Business, discussion ensued about street signs and especially the “Welcome to Tar Heel” sign that has faded significantly. Councilmember Druzak moved to have the two “Welcome” signs rehabbed and repainted; Ms. Hall seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

An intense discussion of paper debris blowing away from business dumpsters was undertaken; it was the Board’s consensus that this litter was not coming from the owners themselves, but had been strewn by others, who did not throw their lunch trash into the dumpsters.

The Mayor will speak to the owners of the dumpsters in an attempt to enlist their assistance in keeping their parking lots and the surrounding properties litter-free..

Mayor Allen reminded the Board that the next meeting will be on election day, November 2nd; therefore, November’s meeting will be held in the fire hall. The meeting then adjourned at 6:45pm.

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