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Teenager Donates “Heroic Flags” in Honor of Cape Fear Valley Frontline Workers

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Above are Cape Fear Valley Health System Frontline Workers with the “Heroic Flags” art.

Some may see February as a time to be patriotic because it holds President’s Day. A holiday to reflect on some of the most patriotic people who have served our country. 

John Quincy Adams is quoted saying, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” 

One teenager from Florida, Lorenzo Liberti, is a shining example of the type of leader President Adams referred to in his quote. He started a “Heroic Flags” art program giving one hospital in each state a piece of patriotic art. This month he donated a “Heroic Flags” art piece to Cape Fear Valley Health System. 

Liberti explained his “why” in a post on GoFund Me, “Last year, I started making heroic flags as a way to support our forgotten heroes…our homeless veterans. In eighth grade, I met one of these struggling vets while helping my church group serve at a nearby soup kitchen. That encounter opened my heart, and I began to search for ways to assist heroes like him.” The “Heroic Flags” program is gifting a hand-carved flag to each state. 

He continued, “Today, the world has a new enemy, the Coronavirus and to defeat it we are relying on a new group of heroes, our frontline healthcare workers (first responders, nurses, emergency physicians and many more). Their courageous efforts and strength are inspiring everyone across the world. However, they are risking their lives (and some are even dying), to serve their communities during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Cape Fear Valley Health System shared a photo of some of their frontline workers with Liberti’s donated artwork.  

Michael Nagowski, CEO of Cape Fear Valley Health System, stated, “Our community will certainly enjoy this new hand-carved wooden flag, gifted from a Florida teen who is on a mission to honor frontline healthcare workers. We send our gratitude!”

Liberti started a GoFund Me page for his project. The net proceeds will go to support “our forgotten heroes (homeless vets), as their needs have not diminished during the pandemic.” 

To donate to the project or find out more visit: