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By: Raymond (Joe) Tatum, Jr. Broker, Realtor, EPro, B-Pro, PEIA– Tatum Realty and Property Management Services

Selling Tips!

Home for saleA home full of “stuff” can sometimes be its own enemy. When selling your home, here’s the list that we, as agents, should share, even if it hurts. After all, the goal is SOLD!

1) Clear off vanities and counter spaces to a bare minimum. Your “stuff” feels less like their home. You want them to imagine themselves living in your space. Clutter also makes a place look smaller. Even a small space can look larger when a minimalist approach is taken. Clear extra furnishings that break the flow of traffic or make a space look cramped.

2) There’s no room for “clutter stacks”. You know, the corner where you place those bills, stack those books, hide those clothes. Every room should be free of items that are displeasing to the eye. We all have them, but when selling a home, we should think of our favorite home décor magazine. Everything has a place and personal items are out of site.

3) Photographs-We all love our family photographs! But! When you walk in a home as a buyer, photographs make it more obvious that the dwelling “belongs to someone”. You want the buyer to imagine it as their own. Your photographs deter their imagination. You want it to feel like it could be “their” home, not yours.

4) There’s no 2nd chance in marketing! Detailed, quality photography, revealing each room, is a must! Full shots that maximize square footage give potential customers their first “sneak peak” and ingrain long term first impressions.

Call us for a walk through & more tips to optimize your home’s selling potential! We are Tatum Realty & Property Management Services, where “We Market Every Property As If We Own It!”  PD

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