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This Day in History

By: Robert G. Hester
        March 1
1790—1st US census authorized.
1803—Ohio becomes 17th state.
1845—President Tyler signs a resolution annexing the Republic of Texas.
1864—Rebecca Lee (US) becomes 1st black woman to receive a medical degree.
1872—Yellowstone becomes world’s 1st national park.
1873—E. Remington and Sons in Illon, New York begins production of the first practical typewriter.
1909—1st US university school of nursing established, University of Minnesota.
1912—U.S.Army Captain Albert Berry performs 1st (attached-type) parachute jump from an airplane.
1913—US federal income tax takes effect (16th amendment)
1917—1st federal land bank chartered in USA.
1928—Paul Whiteman & orchestra record “Ol’ Man River” for Victor Records.
1932—Charles Lindbergh, Jr. (20 months), kidnapped in New Jersey; found dead May 12.
1933—Bank holidays declared in 6 states, to prevent run on banks.
1936—The Hoover Dam is completed.
1937—US Steel raises workers’ wages to $5 a day.
1941—1st commercial FM radio station goes on the air, Nashville, Tenn.
1949—Joe Louis retires as heavyweight boxing champ.
1953—Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses.  He dies four days later.
1957—“Ziegfeld Follies of 1957” opens at Winter Garden NYC for 123 performances.
1967—US House of Representatives expels Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. (307 to 116)
1969—NY Yankees’ Mickey Mantle retires.
1977—Bank of America adopts the name VISA for their credit card.
1980—Snow falls in Florida
1988—Pontiac announces the end of the Fiero automobile.
1996—Lenny Wilkens, winningest coach in NBA, coaches his 1,000 victory.
2002—U.S. invasion of Afghanistan: Operation Anaconda begins in eastern Afghanistan.
2007—Tornadoes swarm across the southern United States, killing at least 20; eight of the deaths were at a high school in Enterprise, Alabama.
2014—US President Barack Obama warns Russian Vladimir Putin over involvement in Ukraine.
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