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This Day in History – February 27

1801—Washington, DC placed under Congressional jurisdiction.

1813—1st federal vaccination legislation enacted.
1813—Congress authorizes use of steamboats to transport mail.
1827—1st Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans.
1860—Abraham Lincoln makes a speech at Cooper Union in the city of New York that is largely responsible for his election to the the presidency.
1861—US Congress authorizes 1st stamped newspaper wrappers for mailing.
1869—John Menard is 1st black to make a speech in Congress.
1877—US Electoral College declares R. Hayes winner of presidential election.
1883—Oscar Hammerstein patents 1st cigar-rolling machine.
1908—Star #46 was added to US flag for Oklahoma.
1922—US Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover convenes 1st National Radio Conference.
1922—Supreme court unanimously upheld 19th amend woman’s right to vote.
1927—For 2nd Sunday in a row golfers in South Carolina arrested for violating sabbath.
1939—Supreme Court outlaws sit-down strikes.
1951—22nd amendment ratified, limiting US Presidents to 2 terms.
1960—US Olympic Ice Hockey Team beats USSR 3-2 en route to gold medal.
1963—Mickey Mantle of NY Yankees sign a baseball contract worth $100,000.
1969—President Nixon visits West Berlin.
1974—People magazine begins sales.
1982—Earl Anthony becomes 1st pro bowler to win more than $1 million.
1985—Farmers converge in Washington to demand economic relief.
1987—“Washington Week in Review” 20th anniversary on PBS.
1990—Exxon Corp & Exxon Shipping are indicted on 5 criminal counts (Valdez)
1992—Tiger Woods, 16, becomes youngest PGA golfer in 35 years.
1998—Apple discontinues development of the Newton computer.
2005—77th Academy Awards-“Million Dollar Baby”, Jamie Foxx & Hillary Swank win.
2014—US Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoes a “religious freedom” bill that would have allowed businesses to turn away gay customers.
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