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1855 – 1st veterinary college in the US incorporated in Boston.

1881 – Billy the Kid escapes from the Lincoln County jail in Lincoln, New Mexico.

1914 – 181 died in coal mine collapse at Eccles, West Virginia.

1919 – 1st jump with US Army Air Corps (rip-cord type) parachute (Les Irvin)

1928 – RCA and GE installed three test television sets in homes in Schenectady, New York, allowing trials of inventor E.F.W. Alexanderson’s first home television receiver, a poor and unsteady 1.5 square inch picture was received from a radio transmitter.

1934 – President Franklin Roosevelt signs Home Owners Loan Act.

1940 – Glenn Miller records “Pennsylvania 6-5000”

1945 – US 5th army reaches Swiss border.

1952 – World War II Pacific peace treaty takes effect.

1957 – WSOC TV channel 9 in Charlotte, North Carolina (ABC) begins broadcasting.

1961 – Milwaukee Braves’ future Hall of Fame pitcher Warren Spahn throws his second career no hitter at 41; beats SF Giants, 1-0 at County Stadium.

1966 – 38th Academy Awards: “The Sound of Music”, Julie Christie & Lee Marvin.

1967 – Muhammad Ali refuses induction into Army & is stripped of boxing title.

1967 – The Douglas Aircraft Company behind schedule with deliveries of the DC-8 and DC-9 and close to bankruptcy agrees to merge with the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation to form McDonnell Douglas.

1977 – American defense employee Christopher John Boyce convicted for selling secrets to the Soviet Union.

1985 – Fernando Valenzuela sets record of 41 scoreless innings to start a season.

1994 – Aldrich Ames, former CIA officer, and his wife Rosario plead guilty to spying for the Soviet Union and Russia.

2001 – Millionaire Dennis Tito becomes the world’s first space tourist.

2019 – Disney says Marvel film “Avengers: Endgame” made an estimated $1.2 billion worldwide, first film to make more than $1 billion on opening.

2020 – Department of Defense releases three classified videos of possible UFOs from 2004 and 2015.

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