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1813 – 1st US Rubber patent granted to Jacob F Hummel.

1894 – The 500-strong Commonwealth of Christ (Coxey’s Army) arrives in Washington, D.C., to protest against unemployment; Coxey arrested for trespassing at Capitol.

1905 – 2″ rain falls in 10 minutes in Taylor, Texas.

1918 – Tris Speaker ties career outfield record of 4 unassisted double plays.

1932 – 1st broadcast of “One Man’s Family” on NBC radio, longest-running dramatic serial on US radio (ends 1959)

1934 – Pittsburgh is last major league city to play a home game on a Sunday.

1940 – 1st radio broadcast of “Young Dr Malon” on CBS.

1943 – US 34th Division occupies Hill 609, North Tunisia.

1945 – US Army liberates 31,601 people from the Dachau Nazi concentration camp in Germany.

1951 – China seizes the assets of the Asiatic Petroleum Company, a joint venture between the Shell and Royal Dutch oil companies in retaliation for the Hong Kong Government’s requisitioning of the tanker, Yung Hao.

1961 – ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” debuts.

1967 – “Respect” single released by Aretha Franklin (Billboard Song of the Year 1967)

1975 – Vietnam War: US begins to evacuate its citizens from Saigon in Operation Frequent Wind in response to advancing North Vietnamese forces, bringing an end to US involvement in the war.

1982 – 17th Academy of Country Music Awards: Alabama, Merle Haggard, and Barbara Mandrell win.

1991 – “Don’t Rock the Jukebox” single released by Alan Jackson (ASCAP Award Country Song of the Year 1992, Billboard Song of the Year 1991)

2004 – Dick Cheney and George W. Bush testify before the 9/11 Commission in a closed, unrecorded hearing in the Oval Office.

2004 – Oldsmobile builds its final car ending 107 years of production.

2006 – NFL Draft: North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams first pick from Houston Texans.

2018 – Animated series “The Simpsons” surpasses “Gunsmoke”s 635-episode count to have the highest episode count of any series on TV.

2019 – Over 700 people infected with measles in the US, highest number for 25 years.

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