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This Day in History for August 1

1893 – Henry Perky patents a machine for the preparation of cereals for food, otherwise known as shredded wheat.

1900 – The 1st Michelin Guide is published by the brothers Edouard and Andre Michelin as a hotel and restaurant reference guide to encourage more road travel and thus boost tire sales (exact date beyond August 1900 unknown)

1918 – Pittsburgh and Boston Braves play a MLB record 20 scoreless innings before Pirates win, 2-0 in 21 innings.

1932 – George Washington quarter goes into circulation.

1941 – The first Jeep is produced.

1944 – Adam Clayton Powell elected 1st African-American congressman from New York.

1946 – US President Harry Truman establishes Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

1953 – California introduces sales tax (for education)

1957 – 1st commercial building heated by Sun (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

1958 – US 1st class postage up to 4 cents (had been 3 cents for 26 years)

1963 – Arthur Ashe becomes first African-American tennis player to be named to the US Davis Cup team.

1969 – 110,000 attend Atlantic City Pop Festival.

1971 – Richard Petty wins the Dixie 500 in Atlanta, Georgia to become the first NASCAR driver to win $1m in career earnings.

1977 – Former Lockheed U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers crashes the news helicopter he was flying in Los Angeles.

1986 – Twins pitcher Bert Blyleven becomes 10th to reach 3,000 MLB strikeout milestone, 2-hits A’s, 10-1.

1992 – NBC’s “Saturday Today” premieres.

1995 – Westinghouse purchases CBS-TV network.

2001 – Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore has a Ten Commandments monument installed in the judiciary building, leading to a lawsuit to have it removed and his own removal from office.

2014 – USA and UN announce a 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Palestine, though it quickly breaks down.

2017 – Christopher A. Way confirmed as F.B.I. Director by US Senate.

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