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1735 – Evening Post begins publishing (Boston, Mass)

1838 – United States Exploring Expedition headed by Charles Wilkes departs for the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica.

1872 – 1st mail-order catalog issued by A.M. Ward.

1894 – US Congress creates Bureau of Immigration.

1909 – Mayor of Tokyo Yukio Ozaki presents Washington, D.C. with 2,000 cherry trees, which President Taft decides to plant near the Potomac River.

1920 – 22 year old representative Harry T. Burn is deciding vote in Tennessee’s and thus America’s ratification of the 19th Amendment to the constitution allowing women’s suffrage after letter from his mother.

1930 – Eastern Airlines begins passenger service.

1937 – 1st FM radio construction permit issued (WGTR) in Boston, MA.

1938 – FDR dedicates Thousand Islands Bridge connecting US & Canada.

1944 – Chartres freed by US 3rd Army forces during WWII led by General George S. Patton.

1955 – Hurricane Diane kills 400 in US.

1960 – 1st photograph bounced off satellite, Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Richardson, Texas.

1962 – Peter, Paul & Mary release their first hit “If I Had a Hammer”

1963 – James Meredith becomes the 1st black graduate from University of Mississippi.

1976 – Korean axe murder incident: 2 US soldiers tasked with cutting down a poplar tree blocking the view of UN observers are killed by North Koreans claiming it was planted by Kim II-sung in the Korean Demilitarized Zone.

1982 – NYSE sets trading record of 132,690,000 shares traded.

1987 – Ohio health care worker Donald Harvey sentenced to triple life for poisoning 24 patients.

1991 – Hurricane Bob hits North Carolina with 115 MPH wind.

2011 – The “West Memphis Three” are released from prison after 18 years in imprisonment.

2017 – White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon is fired by US President Donald Trump.

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