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1774 – First incident of American Revolution – 400 attack Fort William and Mary, New Hampshire.

This Day In History

1816 – Patent for a dry dock issued to John Adamson, Boston.

1879 – First federal fishing hatching steamer launched (Wilmington, Delaware)

1918 – US army of occupation crosses Rhine, enters Germany.

1922 – Charles Ebbets proposes putting numbers on players’ sleeves and caps.

1928 – Clip-on tie designed.

1944 – Japanese kamikaze crashes into US cruiser Nashville, kills 138.

1947 – Maine turnpike opens to traffic.

1949 – American League votes down proposal to revive spitball.

1962 – Relay 1 communication satellite launched.

1964 – In El Paso, Texas, LBJ & Mexican President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz set off an explosion diverting Rio Grande, to reshape US-Mexico border.

1969 – Arlo Guthrie releases “Alice’s Restaurant”

1974 – Jim “Catfish” Hunter wins free agent claim against A’s owner Finley.

1979 – Saudi Arabia raises marker crude price to $25 per barrel.

1984 – Artificial hear recipient William Schroeder suffers 1st stroke.

1990 – US Secretary of State Baker questions Iraq’s seriousness about Middle East peace.

1994 – American Eagle commuter plane crashes in NC, killing 15.

2000 – American Vice President Al Gore delivers his concession speech effectively ending his hopes of becoming the 43rd President of the United States.

2014 – A civil rights protest march in Washington, D.C. takes place, against the police killing of unarmed black men.

2017 – Online dictionary Merriam-Webster’s most searched word of the year is Feminism.