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This Day In History1792 – US postal service created, postage 6-12 cents depending on distance.

1809 – US Supreme Court rules federal government power greater than any state.

1830 – Congress prohibits dueling in District of Columbia.

1856 – The steam packet-ship John Rutledge, en route from Liverpool to New York, hits an iceberg and sinks with loss of 120 passengers and 19 crew; only one survivor (Thomas Nye of New Bedford)

1872 – Luther Crowell patents a machine that manufacturers paper bags.

1931 – Congress allows California to build Oakland-Bay Bridge.

1933 – US House of Representatives completes congressional action to repeal Prohibition.

1943 – American movie studio executives agree to allow the Office of War information to censor movies.

1944 – US takes Eniwetok Island.

1953 – August A Busch buys the St Louis Cards fro $3.75 million.

1962 – John Glenn becomes the 1st American to orbit the Earth, aboard Friendship 7.

1965 – Ranger 8 makes hard landing on the Moon, returns photos, other data.

1986 – LA Dodger Orel Hershiser is 1st to win a 1M salary by arbitration.

1987 – Bomb blamed on Unabomber explodes by a computer store in Salt Lake City.

1988 – Peter Kalikow purchases NY Post from Rupert Murdock for $37.6 million.

1989 – Members of 1949 Oklahoma football team cancel an April reunion because of the deplorable conduct of Oklahoma players.

2001 – The United States Supreme Court declines to consider an appeal by five major oil companies against Unocal’s patent production of cleaner “reformulated” gasoline sold in California.

2016 – Jeb Bush suspends his presidential campaign.

2016 – US primary elections: South Carolina Republican Primary – Donald Trump wins with 32.5%.

2016 – US primary elections: Nevada Democratic Primary – Hillary Clinton wins with 52.6%.