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1813 – 1st federal vaccination legislation enacted.

1872 – Charlotte Ray, 1st African American woman lawyer in USA, graduates from Howard University.

1919 – American Association for Hard Hearing forms (NYC)

1922 – US Supreme Court unanimously upholds 19th amendment to the US Constitution – women’s right to vote.

1941 – 13th Academy Awards: “Rebecca”, James Stewart & Ginger Rogers win.

1951 – 22nd amendment ratified, limiting US Presidents to 2 terms.

1959 – Boston Celtic Bob Cousy sets NBA record with 28 assists, Celtics score 173 points against Minneapolis Lakers.

1960 – US Olympic Ice Hockey Team beats USSR 3-2 en route to gold medal.

1963 – Mickey Mantle of NY Yankees sign a baseball contract worth $100,000.

1966 – 8th Daytona 500: Polesitter Richard Petty comes from 2 laps down to win the event after 198 laps were completed because of rain.

1968 – CBS new anchor Walter Cronkite delivers a scathing editorial on America’s chances of winning the Vietnam War.

1974 – “People” magazine begins sales.

1985 – Farmers converge in Washington to demand economic relief.

1988 – Bonnie Blair (US) wins Olympic 500m speed skating in record 30.1.

1990 – “Hold On” single released by Wilson Phillips (Billboard Song of the Year 1990)

1998 – Apple discontinues development of the Newton computer.

2012 – Wikileaks begins disclosing 5 million emails from private intelligence company Stratfor.

2018 – Jared Kushner, son-in-law of President Trump, has his top-secret security clearance at the White House downgraded.

2018 – First gun control legislation for 25 years passed by US House of Representatives, with new federal background checks.

2020 – Dow Jones Index suffers its biggest points fall in history closing down 1,190.95 in New York amid concerns about COVID-19.

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