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This Day in History For July 29

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1847 – Cumberland School of Law founded in Lebanon, Tennessee, USA. At the end of 1847 only 15 law schools in the United States.

1905 – US Secretary of War William Howard Taft makes secret agreement with Japanese Prime Minister Katsurea agreeing to Japanese free rein in Korea in return for non-interference with the US in the Philippines.

1907 – Sir Robert Baden-Powell forms Boy Scouts in England.

1920 – 1st transcontinental airmail flight from New York to San Francisco.

1928 – Test footage first created for Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” with Mickey Mouse.

1932 – Great Depression: In Washington, D.C., U.S. troops dispersed with the last of the “Bonus Army” of World War I veterans.

1944 – Allied air force bomb Germany for 6 hours.

1950 – Pee Wee Reese hits the 3,000th Dodger home run.

1957 – Jack Paar’s The Tonight Show premieres.

1965 – Major league record 26 strikeouts, Phillies (16), Pirates (10).

1970 – Mariner 6 begins transmitting far-encounter photos of Mars.

1983 – Steve Garvey ends his NL record 1,207 consecutive game streak.

1988 – FDIC bails out 1st Republic Bank, Dallas, with $4 billion.

1995 – Monica Seles beats Martina Navratilova in her return to tennis.

1995 – Carolina Panthers beat Jacksonville Jaguars in their first NFL exhibition game 20-14.

2001 – 88th Tour de France; no winner (Lance Armstrong disqualified)

2009 – Temperature reaches 103 degrees F in Seattle, Washington, the hottest day on record.

2015 – Microsoft launches Windows 10.

2019 – Chipper Jones, Alan Trammell, Trevor Hoffman, Viadimir Guerrero, Jim Thome and Jack Morris are inducted in Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY.

2019 – Record for longest run at the top of US singles chart made by country rap single “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X remixed with Billy Ray Cyrus…No 1 for 17 weeks.

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