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This Day in History for July 5

1841 – Thomas Cook opens first travel agency.

1865 – US Secret Service begins operating under the Treasury Department.

1891 – Hail kills 16 horses in Rapid City, South Dakota.

1929 – WOWO-AM, Indiana returns to air, 1 day after transmitter burns down.

1935 – FDR signs US National Labor Relations Act.

1937 – Spam, the luncheon meat is first introduced into the market by the Hormel Foods Corporation.

1950 – US forces enter combat in the Korean War for the first time, in the Battle of Osan.

1951 – Dr. William Shockley invents the junction transistor (Murray Hill, NJ)

1954 – B-52A bomber makes its maiden voyage.

1966 – NYC transit fare rises from 15 cents to 20 cents.

1966 – Saturn I rocket launched at Cape Kennedy.

1971 – 26th amendment to the US Constitution certified (reduces voting age to 18)

1983 – Woman gives birth to baby 84 days after brain death (Roanoke, Virginia)

1984 – Supreme Court weakens 70-year-old “exclusionary rule”- evidence seized with defective court warrants can now be used in criminal trials.

1994 – The United States announces it will no longer accept unrestricted immigration from Haiti.

1994 – founded in Bellevue, Washington by Jeff Bezos.

2016 – FBI releases report stating Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” handling classified emails but doesn’t recommend prosecution.

2017 – 101 people reported shot, 15 killed in Chicago, Illinois over 4th of July weekend.

2018 – US Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt resigns amid allegations of misconduct.

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