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This Day in History for June 13

1865 – President Andrew Johnson proclaims reconstruction of confederate states.

1888 – US Congress creates Department of Labor.

1907 – Lowest temperature ever in 48 US states for June, 2 degrees F in Tamarack, California.

1920 – US Post Office says children cannot be sent by parcel post (after various instances)

1927 – Ticker-tape parade welcomes Charles A. Lindbergh to NYC.

1933 – Federal Home Owners Loan Corporation authorized.

1946 – 1st transcontinental round-trip flight in 1-day, California-Maryland.

1954 – Cornerstone of Albert Einstein College of Medicine laid in Bronx.

1957 – Mayflower II from Plymouth, England, reaches Plymouth, Massachusetts.

1965 – 19th Tony Awards: Subject Was Roses & Fiddler on the Roof win.

1966 – US Supreme Court’s Miranda decision; suspects must be informed of rights.

1967 – Thurgood Marshall nominated as 1st African American Supreme Court justice.

1971 – “The New York Times” begins publishing excerpts from the Pentagon Papers, classified documents on the long history of the U.S. in Vietnam.

1979 – Sioux nation receives $100 million in compensation for Black Hills, South Dakota.

1980 – Rep. John Jenrette, Jr. (D-SC) indicted in “Abscam” investigation.

1990 – Boeing 767 sets non-stop commercial flight, Seattle to Narobi, Kenya.

1994 – A jury in Anchorage, Alaska, blames recklessness by Exxon and Captain Joseph Hazelwood for the Exxon Valdez disaster, allowing victims of the oil spill to seek $15 billion in damages.

2017 – US Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies before Senate Intelligence Committee, denies secretly meeting Russians.

2018 – Volkswagen fined $1 billion by German prosecutors over diesel emissions scandal.

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