This Day In History
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This Day In History1628 – 1st deportation from what is now US, Thomas Morton from Massachusetts.

1802 – US Academy at West Point founded.

1822 – Charles Graham patents false teeth.

1869 – Charles E. Hires sells his 1st root beer, in Philadelphia.

1909 – Alice Huyler Ramsey, 22-year-old housewife from Hackensack, New Jersey, becomes the 1st woman to drive across the US, in a Maxwell 30, drives 3,800 miles from Manhattan to San Francisco in 59 days.

1915 – US President Woodrow Wilson sends 2nd Lusitania not to Germany protesting sinking of the Lusitania and refuting German claim British blockade illegal.

1924 – “Jelly-Roll Blues” is recorded by blues great Jelly Roll Morton.

1930 – Chicago Tribune reporter Jake Lingle is killed during rush hour at the Illinois Central train station by the Leo Vincent Brothers, allegedly over a $100,000 USD gambling debt owed to Al Capone.

1934 – 1st appearance of Donald Duck in a cartoon, “The Wise Little Hen”

1943 – “Pay-as-you-go” (withholding) US income tax deductions authorized.

1946 – 66,545 fans help Yanks break million attendance mark, the earliest.

1954 – Joseph Welch asks US Senator Joseph McCarthy “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” during Senate-Army hearings.

1958 – “Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley hits #1.

1964 – Jack Nicklaus wins British Open golf tournament.

1972 – 14″ of rain in 6 hours burst Rapid City, South Dakota dam, drowns 237.

1975 – Tony Orlando & Dawn receives gold record for “He Don’t Love You”

1984 – Donald Duck’s 50th birthday celebrated at Disneyland.

1996 – Michelle McGann wins LPGA Oldsmobile Golf Classic.

2013 – Edward Snowden publicly makes his identity known as the leaker of NSA documents.

2017 – Tennis player Venus Williams causes car accident that leads to death of another passenger in Palm Beach, Florida.